We always have been, and always will be, a learning organization that thrives on working in teams to garner the best possible results. New team members begin by working alongside partners and managers from their first day on the job and continue this practice throughout their careers. We strive to work smarter and harder than our competition, always keeping our clients centric to everything we do.

Our firm’s culture and our people are our most valuable assets.

Our team structure allows all members to be a part of the entire engagement, as opposed to assigning members to only one element of the engagement over and over for a period of months or years.

Our team members are exposed to every facet of our engagements right from the start. We feel that this approach leaves our employees with a broad base of knowledge across multiple service areas. As team members progress in their careers they are able to begin defining their specialty areas of expertise while always having the solid “full-plate” foundation to keep them grounded.Lanigan offers competitive salary and benefit programs, paid time off, reduced summer hours, retirement benefits, bonus incentives, and steady career advancement. We provide each professional staff with paid continuing education, as well as reimbursement programs for passing and maintaining professional licensure, such as the CPA exam and other relevant industry designations.