Assurance Services

Our audit, attestation, and other assurance services are defined by integrity, objectivity and independence, always ensuring our services are carried out with public trust and end user perception in mind.

Lanigan’s Assurance Services Team has developed the business acumen and real world experience needed to provide our clients with high quality services, while ensuring adherence to applicable professional and regulatory reporting standards. We are able to provide our service offerings in an efficient manner while always seeking to add additional value through the provision of meaningful feedback and comment letters which can enhance shareholder value, improve internal process flow, and strengthen organization and operational controls.

“We are more than your once-a-year auditors, we seek to be your trusted advisors for life.”

Our associates are trained to efficiently conduct procedures and techniques in order to maximize value and minimize disruptions to our clients’ operations. Our engagement teams work with our clients throughout the year, providing timely service and reducing year-end interruptions. Our niche teams have extensive experience with reporting standards in each of the industries we serve. Each year, our team members focus their continuing professional education in their niche areas of expertise and then teach industry best practices to the rest of our firm.

All audits are performed using a risk-based approach. Each team member thoroughly understands the entity being audited. Each industry, and each business, is unique and has specific risk factors that must be understood in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Our audit teams are further enhanced by hands on partner participation with every engagement alongside our staff members. This practice allows us to reduce the number of engagement surprises.

Service Offerings

for Assurance
  • Audits and Reviews of Financial Statements
  • Compilations
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Service Organization Controls (SOC) Reporting
  • Reports on Internal Control
  • Outsourced Internal Audit Functions

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